#1 Essay: home stay letter

Dear my host family

Hallo! Nice to meet you!My name is Mei. Please call me “Chinmei”. I am scheduled to study at @@ language school from August 8th to August 30th.Thank you very much for offering your home while I am staying in USA. I’m 19 years old, studying literature at KGU.

This is the second time to visit USA for me. The last time is this year’s spring vacation. I went to Hawaii with my family, and that was such a wonderful time. That’s was such a good vacation. I have been excited to be able to stay in the USA again!

I will arriving at ○○ airport around 6:30 AM on August 8th. The flight number is JAL00. Then I will take the coach to ××. I will reach at △△ around 3:00 pm. Could you please let me know the way to your home from the coach station?

By the way, I would like to enjoy my staying with you and you and make some great memories. I like staying with children, so I have been excited to be able to play with your children. I can read English a little, and I can’t speak fluently. I’ll try my best to improve my English. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. I’ve enclosed my picture.

Best regards, Mei



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