#2 In 2037

Hello. My name is Mei. I’m thirteen nine years old now. I’m completely ordinary. My job is a kindergarten teacher. I like children so this work make me happy. I’m living in Aso at Kumamoto which is the beautiful place. There are my husband, son and daughter. My husband is such a kind person, and his job is city worker. His job is important and busy, however he spends a lot of time with us on the weekend. I love him so much and my children do too. My son is 14 years old, and he is a member of soccer club. He is one great soccer player, and his dream is to be a pro soccer player. I also am behind him supporting him. My family goes to watch his soccer matches often. I’m looking forward about that time. After a certain time, I have to pick him up and drop him off. We always talk about anything with him, so I like this time. My daughter is so cute, she is 12 years old. She is a bright and lively girl, however she is very kind. She is good at playing the piano, and also she like to singing so she is part of a boys and girls choir. She wants to be a actress, I think it’s perfect for her.
In fact, I had imagined a more another future at before 20 year.

I was majoring in English at high school and university, so I have wanted to live in United State of America, and work at foreign country. However I am satisfied with my life. In recently we plan to go to Hawaii. I like travel so much. We are looking forward to going there. My dream to live in USA did not compete, but I am very happy now.



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