#5 review

I talk about the movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is the first time for me to watch this movie. I think this story’s hero’s name is Indy Jones, but it wasn’t. That real name is Indiana Jones.
It was hard to watch, because the picture is a little old, and I don’t like grotesque scenes.
In the beginning scene, two local guides betray Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), and the second one runs away with a treasure that Jones took, but the guide was skewered soon and that scene was hard for me to look at.
It was impressive for me when Jones was assailed by a big rock. I remember this scene because Disney’s attractions of “Indie Jones” has same device of attraction.
He tried to find the lost Ark, so he visited Abner, but he was informed that Abner was dead.
And then, the Nazis comes there. That made me feel nervous this scene. Abner’s daughter, Marion (Karen Allen) was attacked in her shop by Nazis. It is a story from here I think Marion is obstructive in the trip. She was kidnapped many times. The scene of action and adventure was old but not so bad.

At the end, they ware repeated running a way and arrested, and somehow trusting their hiding place. At there a mysterious spirit comes out of a box, and Jones remembered the rule about the Ark, so he tell Marion(Karen Aren) to never open eyes. Nazis and all people that there was burnt by spirit like that smoke. I think he was cool and intellectual person, so his adventure succeeds. It was good for me to watch this movie and I could know this story. I want to go Disney, and I want to get on this attraction ealy. This movie was so exiting.



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