The movie reviw

The Green Mile movie review


I don’t know this movie until Mr.Tomei tell us this movie is next subject, and I was very shocked when I saw it. There ware many vivid description in this movie. Sometimes I felt nauseous when I watching this movie.

John Coffey was performed by Michael Clarke Duncan. He is very tall person. The hero’s name is Paul in this movie was played by Thomas Jeffrey Tom Hanks that very famous actor in the world.

This movie wrote about polices who take care of the condemned criminal. I think the work is very hard for mentally and physically.

One day a prisoner came there. At first everyone scared to the size of his body. It looks big, back, and it seems very strong. However Paul came to gradually felt the condemned criminal that name is John has a gentle heart. One day Paul in one of eyes John’s mysterious power. He had cured his chronic disease by John’s mysterious power. Thereafter, they comes to commune little by little. Then Paul doubted it whether he was innocent. The feeling proved right, and he was false accusation. However  his death penalty already has been decided.

John saved many people by his mysterious power. It was impressive scene for me that he cures the cancer of the ready who was Hall’s wife. I almost cried. John was moved that something bad to the Percy. It was the guy who name is Percy was terrible and ugly. He did terrible death penalty performed for del. It was bound to happen.

However this story doesn’t happy end. I think it was too pitiful for John.

I can’t fogert the word that was John said at last.

“I’m sorry for what I am.” It was not good way of ending for me.



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