#4 toy story

I like Toy story very much, so I watched all of the movies in the series. This story the toys are the heroes. Toy story is an animation movie and it is made by Pixar animation studio in the United States of America. It has Japanese dubbing, and Toshiyuki Karasawa plays the voice of Woody, who is the hero character, also George Tokoro who is a famous entertainer plays the voice of the buzz light year, who is also an important character.
The rough outline of the contents of the story is like this. A boy called Andy has a cowboy doll called Woody. Woody can tell cowboy lines when you pull the string on his back. It was Andy’s favorite toy. He played with Woody and other toys almost every day. However, the toys had a big secret. In fact, they live, and they can talk and act freely, but it is the rule of the toys that ”they must not be known to people ”.
Woody is the leader of the toys and the favorite toy of Andy. However one day,  new toy comes to Andy at his birthday, and the doll of Andy’s favorite toy. This made Woody sad, so Woody was pushed he over a window. It is interesting for me that woody was jealous of Buzz. I think he was pretty jealous. And then Buzz and Woody was picked up by a bad child named Sid and he lived next door.
Woody and Buzz helped each other somehow and ran away, and jumped into the car where Andy’s family was moving into a different town. This story is interesting for me.
I want to everyone to watch the movie. I like Toy Story 4 the most. 4 is the story where toys go to a kindergarten by mistake, and it is crowded there.

Seeing is believing. Please watch it!



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