#3 something I love

Today I’ll talk about my favorite musician. This year’s golden week is a little shot for student, but I had big event for this days! That’s event is concert that held by my favorite musician that name is Mrs. Green Apple. That’s was wonderful time. They are locker, but they held concert at a concert hole. Usually hole is silent zone. There are seat to sit it and people watching theater and stage. It was unusual. However the concert was so good. I flew, jumped, danced and sang with them, but I was not a bit tired.
It was the live that everybody could enjoy.
I love hem very very much! There are five members. The vocal in one year old than, however he is very good musician. I intend to talk about him slightly finely.  He wrote wonderful word of songs and so handsome boy, so there are many fun of the girl. First I heard that song I can’t believe that the song wrote by him. In the, band, a measure made its debut in 2015.It was two years ago. Can you believe that? As for it, he is time of 18 years old  that was the high school student. He draw darkness in the world when I think whether he wrote a text about the splendor of the life. He possesses amazing talent. In the imagination that I cannot measure with the youth. He has of both Twitter and Instagram, so he always send information for his fans. In attracts our attention and thinks that I do not let him leave him.

I want to support this band from now on and forever.



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