book review##4

The Frog  Prince

"Princess Poppy, will you rry me?" "I will", said Poppy. AAnd she did.(P47)

This story wrote by the Brothers Grimm, so there was ssomethig differet part that I know. There are a frog nd a cute pincess in tihs story. Oneday the princess play the ball near t lake. She thought there must be another prince oewher. She idn't like the prince that er fatherintroduced. She slipped a fell the lake. An face first in to the pond. Her beautiful golden ball flew out of her hand.
Then a frog help her. However She was made to promise oe thig. That is to be friends with a frog. She broke a pomise nd just rtuern. It was bad things.
Finally she fly away a frog, but the frog was sent back to ahuma thanks to her.
The diferent point that I know. She kissed him, so he could be a human. However the princess fly away the frog. It's dengrous but very iteresting.



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