book review##6

Ned was cross.(P16)

This story is about NEd and Nat, a fairy and a saousage. Oneday they ware hungry. They were always hungry. Ned worked in the fields. One day, he helped a fairy. Fairy said "Thank you. Have three wishes." Nad ran home.
He shouted "Nat! We have three wishes."  They thought anything.
"I wish for a sausage!" said Ned. He was so hungry , so he said that silly wish.
They began to quarrel with each other. Ned was cross, and he said "I wish the sausage was on the end of your nose." And it was. She was very very cross.
"Do something!" she said. He said "I wish the sausage was off your nose."
And it was.They have no wishes. He said "But we do have a sausage."
I think they were so stupid. If I gave three wishes I ask different thing. For example I want to be a billionaire.



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