Movi reviw##3

13116215 Mei Kawase


I thought this movie is horror, but it was slightly different. The ending of this movie is very shocking to me. The lead character in this movie is Dr. Malcolm (Bruce Willis) that is psychiatrist and a by that name is Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment). Cole had a secret. That is he can watch and talk with a dead. Dr. Malcolm became the medical attendant of Cole. Dr. Malcolm was honest fellow. Cole was misanthropy but his mother loved him and he too.


One day Dr. Malcolm was hit with a gun by his patient that cares of him before 10 years. The patient kills himself as soon as he shot Dr. Malcolm. One years later. Dr. Malcolm met Cole. First Cole doesn’t open his mind for Dr. Malcolm. However he trusts him steadily and he talk about his secret for him. Dr. Malcolm has a problem too. That was he doesn’t get along with his wife recently.


Cole was put off by seeing gusts himself. Dr. Malcolm said him “There is a reason to you can see dead persons”. One day a girl that killed by poison appears in from of Cole.

He told the truth of her death to her father. He saved the girls soul. The climax of this story, Cole told D. Malcolm ”You are already dead.” I had goose bumps! This movie has narrative trick. So I didn’t notice at all until the movie was over.

H didn’t notices that he was dead too.

The scene that left an impression is Dr. Malcolm talk with his wife in the their memorable restaurant. In fact his wife couldn’t see him and Malcolm didn’t notice that.

That was painful, but this movie was so god. I want to watch it one more time.