Movie review##2

Mei Kawase

Today I watched the movie that name is Drum Line. It is the first time for me to watch this movie. The main cast of this story is Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) who play the snare drum. He grew up in a fatherless family. So he loved him mother very much.

 He becomes member of A&T marching band when he graduates from highs cool. He was a good drummer. However He was conceited. He was passed the test, and he become first rank class, he is only student that become first class in new students. One day Dr. James Lee (Orland Jones) notices that Devon can’t read the music score. It is a rule everyone can read music score. So his rank was down in the least class. He went ahead disobediently and did what his supervisor had warned him not to do. He was scouted by rival high school, but he keenly realized the good his teams. And he began go into training. He made an effort to be able to read music score. And he was able to return to the A&T marching band again.

But it was not allowed for him to go for the last contest. The A&T University step forwards the final. At last he allow playing the snare drum at the final contest. And wonderfully, they able to win the championship It was exciting movie for me. Because of I was a member of the marching band when I was high school student, and I play the snare drum too!

I felt very nostalgic about that. I participated in a marching contest every summer. And also I play the solo contest of the snare drum. I want to playing the snare drum and I want to do marching right now!



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