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                                 13116215 Mei Kawase

I wrote movie review whose name is Shrek (Mike Myers ). I have already watched this movie, but once again I watch is this movie’s English version. The main character of this story is a monster living in the forest. Nobody approached the forest, because the monster was scarily, and there was a rumor he eat person. The monster’s name is Shrek. His skin is green and he is very ugly.
 However he wasn’t such a bad person. That time the country’s peace and order was not good. The ruler is Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) and he was a egoist. He wants to marry with Princess Fiona(Cameron Diaz), but she was restricted in tall tower. Lord Farquaad is mousy, so he asked Shrek to help her. Shrek goes to rescue the princess with a donkey (Eddie Murphy). The donkey is very funny.  He is an animal, but he can talk, and he is very talkative. First Shrek feels depressed about him. However they become good friends while that travel together. They succeed in saving Princess Fiona. But the dragon was so cute girl, and she admire a Don key. This is interesting point in this story. Shrek and Fiona set off with Donkey.

They are attracted to that before they return to the country, but Princess Fiona had a secret. She become the ugly monster when a day goes down. She trys to hide this secret. However his misunderstanding makes them quarrel. When he notices him mistake, he goes to help her again from Lord Farquaad. The dragon that in the castle help Shrek. Princess Fiona spoke the truth. Princess Fiona and Shrek exchange a true kiss, then she return to her  true form. However her true figure was a monster. She was depressed. Shrek said, You are beautiful.“ This story was so funny, but made me happy and impressed me.



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