book review ##7

I think this old woman is so stoppid, and thi man is  so smart. Onece, there was a poor man. He come to cattage, and he knocked the door. An old woman opened the door. He said "May I rest here for a while? She answer is  No. She said Go away to him. I can make soup from a stone. said the man. "You can? Show me." said the woman. She put a big pot of wateer on the fire. The old man added a shiny stone. The soup bubbled. The old man tasted it. "An onion would make it better." He said. So the old woman chopped an  onion and popped it in."A potate and meat would make it better."He said.
She popped it in too. At the end of he put it into bowls."It is yummy. That stone must be magic." The old woman said.The old man smiled.



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