book review##8

Once, there was a little penguin called Perry. Perry's family lived in at the South Pole. It was always very cold. One day, Perry found a box.
He saw something yummy inside. But he was too cold to eat it. Perry went to see his grandpa, and he ask him "I need to get warm. What should I do?" He said "Try skating". Perry skated up and down and round. However he couldn't get warm. Perry went to see his grandma. She said "Try sliding down the hill. That will warm you up."
Perry went to the top of the hill. He slid around all evening.
He said "I'm boiling." and he opened the box.
"Now I can enjoy this ice cream. I love cold." and he ate an ice cream.
I thought Perry was so carver. I heard this word "Hunger is the most of seasoning.” It is same mean.



Movi reviw##3