Book review##10

Lion was fast asleep. Something tickled his nose, so he wake up. "How dare you wake me!" Lion roared. He raised his paw.."Please don't kill me," begged the mouse. Maybe I can save your life too, one day. Lion laughed and he said "You're too small to save anyone. " The next day, Lion walked into a trap. The Lion shout Help me! That mouse heard him. The mouse said Don't worry. I can help you. She nibbled through the ropes and lion was free. "I'm sorry, little mouse," said lion. "I was wrong. Even little friends cab be good friends." This story first told in ancient Greece around 4000 years ago. The stories always have a moral. I am too stubborn to admit my fault, so this Lion is good. There is a good thing and obediently live, I thought it is most of important things to live.



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