Book review##11

It was first time for me to eat tis book. This book name is The  Genie in the Bottle. I already know that story about Aladdin and a magical lamp from which Aladdin summoned a genie. However this story was so different!! The genie in the bottle was so bad character.
And there were not Araddin! Oh no my sweet Araddin,
However this book also interesting for me. Once upon a time there was a fisherman. And he caught something else, that was an old bottle. But he threw it away. Suddenly, smoke poured out. The smoke turned into a old huge face. The genie said I'm hungry so I 'm going to eat you. The fisherman thought fast."You were inside this bottle. You'd never fit,"
and he laughed."Watch," said the genie and he whooshed back in.
After that the fisherman pushed the stopper in hard. It' was good idea.



Movi reviw##3