Book review##12

I read the book about Snails. A while ago I ate escargot! It was  so delicious. However I when I thought it's snails. There is a little resistance to eat that. Snail always inside flower pots, and under the rocks. They are hiding. Snails wait until it is dark. Then they creep out.Snails have soft bodies and hard shells.
Slime ooze out from under a snail's body. It helps snails slide over the ground up branches, and even upside down. Snails feel their way around with feelers. They can smell with their feelers too. Their eyes are on the end of the longer feelers. Some times bairds swoops down. It is looking for food. The snails hade in their shells. So  birds can't get them.Some kind of snails live in ponds. I didn't know that, so I was  so suprised. And some kinds  live in the sea.Are they ok to solt!? I thought.



Movi reviw##3