Book review##13

This is a story about Rabbit and a Fox. Rabbit was running very fast. Fox was chasing him. "I'm going to eat you up." growed Fox. He came up to a deeo dark well. The rabbit thought I can hide here.He jumped into the buket. HOwever the bucket startedto fall.The bucket fell. "" How will I get out!" thought rabbit. Then find you! said the voice from above. It was the Fox. He said "You can't hide from me." Rabbit said "I'm not hiding I'm fishing. There are lot of huge fishs. " and he made splashing sound with his paw. "Come down here.Or there won't any left!" the rabbit said. The fox loved fish. He forget about eating the rabbit. He turned the handle. The bucket came up. The rabbite hopped out, and the fox go in and fell.He asked the rabbit, "Where are the fish?" The rabbit laughed



Movi reviw##3