Movie review##5

Mei Kawase

I watched the matrix it was first time for me. I have never been to watched this movie series. However it was so difficult movie for me and it was so boring, so I can’t wrote anything abut this movie but it was homework so I should write. Matrix is SF movie. In brief it is the  fight of human being and the machine. There were many action scenes. I don’t like it, because I don’t like the scene to feel nervous. This movie always makes me nervous.

 The main character of this movie is Neo(Keanu Reeves). He is programmer, and he worked in the major soft company. However His another face is a bad hacker. One day He receive the an email that mail said “Wake up Neo, Matrix was look, follow a white rabbit.”
He did not understand the meaning, but follow the woman . In there he met a woman her name is Trinity(Carrie Anee Moss). His strange experience began. The other day he had a phone call from anyone. His name is Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). Neo should choice which world live in.

However he was not able to jump off a building, so he was caught, and  an insect was put in his body. I felt it was not good, and I felt that it was really gross. And after that it was many happening. They fought against the enemy, but it was boring to me. I’m sorry.



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