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Today I will write about my favorite movie. This time is last to write about movie review, so I am so happy. The title of the movie which I introduce is “Descendant”.

Do you know this movie? Oh, then first this question. Do you know Maleficent? It is the wicked witch who is famous of Disney. “Descendant” is the story of Maleficent child.

Of course there are many famous Disney characters.

 However it doesn’t princes side story. The main character of this movie is wicked.

There are four. The first is Mal(Dove Cameron). She is daughter of Maleficent.

Next is Eve(Sofia Carson). She is daughter of Evil Queen, Carlos(Cameron Boyce) is son of Cruella and Jay is son of Jaffa.

They live in lost island. One day the four should change school, Because they gave the invention from prince Ben. Ben is prince of United States Oradon. There are many famous character in Oradon, and they live in there.

Ben thought the child might not be bad, even if they are children of Villains.

However Maleficent plots a certain thing. It was to let Mal the wand of fairy god mother.

And then Maleficent intended to rule over Oradon.

Mal feels a lot of pressure, but She will do her best not to disappointed her mother.

However, she had a question. She can’t decide what wrong what right. Is it the wicked is right way? They find worth and beloved person while they live in Oradon.

It was important things more than bullying or theft.

Mal confided a feeling to mother, but she was not understands.

However she noticed an important things. And they will continue living in O radon.

Opus! There is not it by the end here!

Descendant2 was shown. I already watched it, It was very fantastic!



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