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13116215 Mei Kawase

I watched a DVD that is this time issue, the name is Groundhog Day
This movie is a little old movie for me, so I did not expect to it, but it was so interesting.
A newscaster is the main person in this movie. He is very clever and is not proud either and his personality is bad. His name is Phil (Bill Murray).
One day he went a town to report on the festival. The name of festival is Groundhog Day. Phil was so selfish, and only he stays the expensive hotel. He returned to the hotel when he finished the report, the accident happened. He got up and hears the story of the same contents from a radio yesterday in the morning. At first he did not believe it. However, everything was repeated same every day. He becomes desperate. He drive a car under the influence of alcohol and womanizing, but he get tired and try to kill himself many time. However, there was not meaning. It was useless no matter what he did
At such time he fell in love with Rita(Andie MacDowell), and he approached her many time every day, but she does not at all fluttering. The same days were repeated he becomes to have a conscience, and he began to practice the piano, took care an old man and he helped to others. She’ll fall in love with Phil one of these days. He reformed himself during these days.
This movie teaches me important things. It is how I live every days. We should live in each day more happily, we will have many sad things so that’s exactly what I want to go on and treasure each day. I don’t know when my life is over. So I thought I should do what I want to do now. Of course thinking about my future too, because we only have one life to live.



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